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How Long Do HVAC Installations Take

How Long Does HVAC Installation Typically Take?

How long do HVAC installations take is the question on my people’s lips, so read on to find out more on what is involved when it comes to installing an HVAC system.

Calculating the Heating and Cooling Loads

Generally, the entire process of heating and air conditioning installation usually takes up to three days. However, that will depend on several factors as it involves some important steps that the contractor has to carefully adhere to.

For starters, they will need to calculate what your heating and cooling needs are. In order for them to arrive at an accurate figure, the contractor will have to factor in several things, such as age, size, and location of your home. Moreover, the construction of your home’s materials will also play a part in the equation. The same goes for how many doors, windows, and floors there are in your home.

Determining the Best Locations

Next, the contractor will need to determine the best places to install the indoor and outdoor heating and cooling units. Contractors need to perform a site evaluation to choose the most efficient locations. Outdoor units are a little more tricky, as they need a flat concrete pad for the installation, in addition to a clearance of at least three feet to ensure maximum efficiency.

Working on the Ductwork

Another step is the ductwork. Before installation, technicians need to examine your pre-existing ductwork, if there is any. They will check for any damage and repair and seal them. Even if you have a top-notch HVAC system, it will not perform well if you have leaky ducts. Also, they may clean the ducts if there is a lot of dust and debris build-up.

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